Dorothy Richardson Society


Institute of English Studies Senate House Malet Street London WC1E 7HU

Tuesday 11 September 2007

11.00 Registration and Coffee

11.30 Introduction: Scott McCracken

11.45 Plenary: Jesse Matz, ‘Dorothy Richardson’s Singular Modernity’

1.15 Lunch

2.15 Panel 1 – Chair Bryony Randall

Kerstin Fest (University College, Cork), 'The Horrors of Domesticity: The Public and the Private Spheres and the Role of Labour in Pilgrimage'

Ya-Ju Yeh (National Chengchi University, Taiwan), 'Momentary Spirituality and Eternal Corporeality in Dorothy Richardson's London'

Abbie Garrington (University of Edinburgh), 'Touching Dorothy Richardson: Approaching Pilgrimage as a Haptic Text'

Panel 2 – Chair Deborah Parsons

Richard Gotti (Empire State College), 'Dorothy Richardson and her Psychological Soul-Sisters'

Stacey Fox (University of Western Australia), 'The Appropriation of Psychiatric Discourse in Dorothy Richardson's Pilgrimage'

Shavonne Johnson, 'Consciousness and Narrative in Dorothy Richardson's Pilgrimage'

Micki Nyman (Fayetteville State University, North Carolina), 'Sexuality and Subjectivity in Dorothy Richardson's Pilgrimage'

4.15 Tea 4.45-6.15 Plenary: Joanne Winning, ‘Dorothy Richardson and the Politics of Friendship’

7.00 Dorothy Richardson Walk led by Deborah Parsons

8.00 Dinner at Sardo, 45 Grafton Way, WC1E 6DX.

Wednesday 12 September

9.30 Plenary: Plenary: Eveline Killian, '"Gliding as if forever": Speed and Movement in Dorothy Richardson's Pilgrimage'

11.00 Coffee

11.30 Panel 3 – Chair Laura Marcus

Deborah Parsons (University of Birmingham), '"I am aware that there is something, therefore I am": Dorothy Richardson and British Idealism'

Eva Tucker, 'Dorothy Richardson and the Quakers'

Panel 4 – Chair Carol Watts

Howard Finn (Queen Mary College, London), 'Oberland: "A Charming Light Interlude"?'

Mariko Dawson Zare (University of Southern California), 'Soundscapes of Identity in Dorothy Richardson's Pilgrimage'

1.00 Lunch

2.00 Plenary: Laura Marcus ‘Pilgrimage and the Space of Dreams’

3.30 Close

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