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Pilgrimages: The Journal of Dorothy Richardson Studies

Welcome to the only journal devoted entirely to the study of Dorothy Richardson. We welcome submissions of short articles (up to 4000 words), long articles (up to 9000 words), reviews, and review articles.

Pilgrimages: The Journal of Dorothy Richardson Studies is a peer-reviewed journal. Please read our submission guidelines before submitting. Submissions should be made in electronic form by email as a Microsoft Word document to the editor. Please feel free to contact the editor if you wish to discuss your submission in advance.

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Scott McCracken

Editorial Board

Rebecca Bowler
Richard Brown
Howard Finn
Adam Guy
Gillian Hanscombe
Eveline Kilian
Jesse Matz
Deborah Longworth
Bryony Randall
Jean Radford
Morag Shiach
Joanne Winning


Issue Number 12, 2022
Issue Number 11, 2020-2021
Issue Number 10, 2018-2019
Issue Number 9, 2017
Issue Number 8, 2016
Issue Number 7, 2015
Issue Number 6, 2013-2014
Issue Number 5, 2012
Issue Number 4, 2011
Issue Number 3, 2010
Issue Number 2, 2009
Issue Number 1, 2008

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