Pilgrimages: The Journal of Dorothy Richardson Studies

Number 8, 2016

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Eva Tucker
18 April 1929 – 12 November 2015

Front Matter


  • Editorial | pdf Scott McCracken


  • The Promise of Restlessness: Sleep and Gender in Dorothy Richardson’s Pilgrimage | pdf
    Sarah Kingston

  • The Thrills of Modernity: Representations of Suburbia in Dorothy Richardson’s Pilgrimage Series | pdf
    Tanya Pikula

  • ‘Translating books might lead to Wanderjahre’: Deadlock as Blissful Babel | pdf
    Florence Marie

  • Dilemmas of Placing and Dating in Blue Plaque Research: The Case of Dorothy Richardson in Bloomsbury (1896-1907) – An Essay in Grounded Theory and the Social Construction of Knowledge | pdf
    Richard Ekins

  • On Memory, Forgetting and Dorothy Richardson: A Theoretical Companion Piece | pdf
    Richard Ekins


  • Remembering Eva Tucker | pdf
    Howard Finn


  • Mhairi Pooler, Writing Life: Early Twentieth-Century Autobiographies of the Artist-Hero | pdf
    Rebecca Bowler

Notes on Contributors

  • Notes on Contributors | pdf

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