The Northern Modernism Seminar is designed to bring together scholars in the field of modernism who are located in the North of the UK University and College sector.

The seminar is a partner to the London Modernism Seminar. It takes the form of a day event, with three to four papers and takes place biannually.

The seminar moves between different locations in order to increase accessibility for all of us in the (broadly conceived) North. The inaugural meeting was held in May 2003 at Sheffield Hallam University, the speakers were Lawrence Rainey, Mary Grover, and Keith B. Williams.

Subsequent seminars have been held at Manchester, Birmingham, Keele, and De Montfort, Leeds and York universities. Speakers have included: Peter Brooker, Helen Carr, Michael Whitworth, Ian Bell, John Xiros Cooper, Laura Marcus, Julia Briggs, David Peters Corbett, Deborah Parsons, Laura Doan, Laura Salisbury and Neil Lazarus.

Institutions wishing to host the Seminar are invited to look at our guidelines and then to contact Rebecca Bowler

The Northern Modernism Seminar is supported by the Research Institute for the Humanities, Keele University, and De Montfort University.